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Indians With US Visas Will Get UAE Visa On Arrival

In its bid to advance the economic and political relations with India, the UAE govt. has formulated a new law which facilitates the Indian passport holders having a valid US visa or a Green Card to be eligible to obtain a UAE visa on arrival. The visa will be valid for 14 days and it is subjected for a single renewal for another two weeks upon payment of applicable fee.
This development will be quite handy especially for tourists. According to official data, as many as 1.6 million Indian tourists visited the UAE last year. There are about 143 flights a day between the two nations, at a rate of roughly 1000 flights per week.

India and UAE have been making progressive moves to develop the bilateral relations especially since the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s UAE visit in 2015, which was the first visit by an Indian PM in four decades.

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