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Hero’s Manager Harassing Directors For Money?

Managers showing tantrums isn’t new in the industry. The celebrity managers demand treatment on par with the stars they manage. In fact, behind the scenes, they show off more than the stars. Many times, this go unnoticed as both the stars and producers are busy with their own works and the producers and executive producers don’t make issue of it.

The latest we hear is that a new manager of a known celebrity is resorting to money demands. He’s publicly demanding money from upcoming directors, new producers. When new filmmakers approach with stories to narrate the celebrity, first they need to meet the manager. The manager apparently lists out star hotels in the city that where to meet. Once the spot is fixed, the manager discusses the financial issues before taking up the story and filmmakers to the celebrity. The manager puts forth a proposal to producer that he should give the total budget in advance to the manager and hand over the production responsibilities to him and says only then he would take them to the celeb.

Also, he publicly says that the producer has to pay money in lakhs just to arrange the meeting with the celeb for story discussion. This is shocking the story writers, directors and budding producers who are dropping.

On one side, stars and actors cry foul that they’re not getting good stories. On other side, they are oblivion to the high demands of their managers who avoid the meeting of the stars, filmmakers.

Gossip is that the manager has backing from celebrity’s close relative and there’s no stopping for him and his deeds. Hope the hero quickly realise the huge damage that is causing to him.

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