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Kuchipudi dancer Swathi Somanath Self Interview-Nene Full Episode (07-03-2015)

Just Contest Or Plan To Grab Stories!!

Rather announcing directly that they are short of stories, these days our star heroes and also directors found some interesting way to get ideas. And this ‘idea’ is so terrific that young and aspiring filmmakers are rushing to them in a bid to get their attention. But what’s happening later is something different.

Of late we are hearing many star directors and heroes conducting some ‘Short Film Contests’ just to encourage talents. After a star Telugu director conducted one such contest in association with a TV channel, none knows what happened to the final winner or the result itself. Similarly, hero Danush also announced about such contest on YouTube through a special app. None knows about the results. Latest to join the bandwagon is hero Surya who announced similar short film contest with a cash prize as well.

Though it looks from a larger perspective that these heroes are really encouraging talents, some cinema lovers do say that they are just using this bait to get to know some interesting story ideas. As all the above said heroes and filmmakers are stuck with making routine stuff these days, these Short Film Contests are surely going to help.

However, fans of these stars do claim that genuinely their favourite celebs are encouraging talented young filmmakers. Hope there is no question of exploitation and it’s only exploration.

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