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You Will Appreciate Trump’s Decision

The United States President Donald Trump will be in the news, most of the time for bad reasons, but definitely not this time. Yes! Read more…

Getting into the news, the White House spokesperson Sean Spicer yesterday said, “the American President decided to donate his annual presidential salary of USD 400,000 to charity by the year’s end.” He also remembered that Trump had previously made this pledge to the people of America.

So, the billionaire businessman-turned-politician will now take home only one dollar per year, which is the legal minimum. Spokesperson Spicer also told, ‘let the press and media determine where the donations go so that it can avoid further scrutiny, which had happened earlier in Trump’s business.’

Throughout his presidential campaign last year, Trump continuously stated that he will just take a single penny as part of salary. Out of all American Presidents in the past, Herbert Hoover and John. F. Kennedy are two other presidents who donated their salaries to charity.