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All Hot Ladies Ditched This Young Hero

There was a time when a big league of young heroines are partying with this guy, surrounding him always. And those hotties got offers in big films through his contacts. But now, none of them is showing interesting to meet up this young hero.
Especially this group used to make others envy with their get-togethers and parties. As our young Telugu hero rose to a happening hero level, he slowly started to bring various new girls to the industry too. While everyone claimed that they are just friends, it’s always rumoured that those hotties are in an affair with him. Suddenly all those hotties have kept him aside for reasons unknown.

At the same time, films of this hero started biting the dust at box office and those hot girls have risen to stardom with other big hits in their kitty. That finally led to this guy’s alienation from the group though all other girls and boys are regularly partying together.

Other day when this Young Hero tried to call up few of his hottie friends for an event, we hear that none picked up his phone. One such starlet is heard telling him that she’s out of town, but an hour later he has accidentally met her at a posh hotel lobby in the city, and she just gave him a stare and left.

One wonders what is that big reason all those hot girls started keeping him at distance. Some say, he has been asking them too many favours. Pchh!!

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