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Mee Star : Gopichand Malineni
Telugu Teen Arrested for killing his mother in US

In what be called as an extremely shocking incident, a 17-year old Telugu boy has been charged and taken into custody for killing his own mother in United States of America. Andhra born Arnav Uppalapati, was recently taken into police custody after chasing down the murder mystery of his mother Nalini (53), who was killed in December 2015.
Arnav, according to reports by North Caroline police, executed his mother by severely assaulting and wrapping her face in a plastic cover. After killing his mother, Arnav shifted the body to the garage and he himself raised a complaint with police by dialing 911.

The incident occurred when Nalini’s husband Babu Uppalapati was on his business tour. Only after confirming that outer persons cannot enter their residence, authorities have come to the conclusion that the boy has killed mother mercilessly. As per US regulations, the boy would be asked to serve life-time sentence.

Although police officials do not mention the motivation of killing, they have booked Arnav in the murder case a major – but not as a teenager. Co-residents of the family have expressed surprise to learn about this barbarous act of a son.