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NRI’s Wife Attempts Suicide

The controversy erupted in the family over the death of NRI Madhukar Reddy who had committed suicide in Seattle in the US on April 4, hasn’t calmed down. It all began at his final rights where the relatives of Gudur Madhukrar Reddy attacked his wife Swathi Reddy blaming her for Madhukar’s suicide.
While Swathi totally denied and stated that Madhukar had been going through depression and also counter-alleged that he and his family had “tortured” her a lot, she alleged that his family is cooking up issue in order to evade the property sharing. Swathi had lodged complaint with police against her in-laws and sought her security alleging threat from her husband’s relatives.

The latest development is that Swathi, who is staying with her parents in Hyderabad in Sowbhagya Puram, Kothapet, attempted suicide on Thursday late night. She had apparently drank toilet cleaning solution and attempted suicide. Her parents rushed Swathi to a nearby private hospital where she’s undergoing treatment.

Swathi’s condition is stable. But this suicide attempt has ignited more controversy. Swathi’s father Narasimha Reddy alleged that the threats from her in-laws and relatives of her husband had abetted her to attempt suicide. Swathi’s parents have asked to take stern action against her husband’s relatives. Swathi is mother of a girl.

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