Megastar Chiranjeevi Birthday Celebrations



Megastar Chiranjeevi Birthday Celebrations by Ram Charan, Allu Aravind


Pic Talk: Mega Hero party with Akhil’s ex-girl friend

Ever since the news broke out about Akhil Akkineni’s marriage with GVK scion Shriya Bhupal was called off, the two notable families remained tight-lipped about it and none of them responded to it. Over the course of time, Akhil and Shreya moved on from the unexpected thing. While Akhil got himself busy shooting for his second film with Vikram Kumar, the GVK lady hastily flown to US for short break.
After a few weeks, rumours popped out that Shriya was getting ready to marry an NRI. However, no source has confirmed it. But, the fashion designer’s (Shriya is a fashioner by profession) latest pictures with Mega hero would certainly create a tizzy among the enthusiasts.

Months after her break up with Akhil, the young lady appeared in pictures wherein she was seen enjoying her party with Mega hero Allu Sirish. And there bonding seems like they’d apparently become ‘Talk of the town’ for all known reasons.

However, let us not ignore the underlying fact that members of Allu family were quite close to GVK members and both the families share a very good bonding since a long time.

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