Yaman Movie Review : Yaman Is Right Only In Parts

Yaman Movie review
Cast: Vijay Antony, Mia George, Thiagarajan
Directed by: Jeeva Shankar
Produced by: Miryala Ravinder Reddy
Music by: Vijay Antony
Release Date: 2017-02-25
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After striking a chord with Bichagadu, Vijay Anthony became a household name in Telugu. However, with his immediate film Bethaludu – a psychological thriller, he disappointed. Now Vijay teamed up with director Jeeva Shankar who had launched him in 2012 and picked a political thriller Yaman – means Yama, the Lord of Death. Did he succeed?

What is it about?

Man of principles Devarakonda Gandhi (Vijay Anthony) was assassinated by his political rival Pandu and mother commits suicide unable to overcome the grief, Ashok Chakravarthi (Vijay Anthony) is raised by his grandfather (Sangili Murugan) far from the village – Hyderabad.

Ashok grows up into a youth. To meet the financial needs to cure his grandfather who is ailing from cancer, Ashok opts to go to jail for money in substitute of another accused. This pushes himself into spot as he stuck between two groups – Samba, Narasimha. With the backing of Opposition leader and ex MLA Karunakar (Thiagarajan), Ashok manages to come out of it. For this, Karunakar seeks a favour from Ashok and this lands him into big mess after he meets minister Pandu.

In between, Ashok meets Ahalya (Mia George) and falls for her. Ahalya gets abusive calls from a politician’s son. Ashok gets shocker when he learns that it’s Pandu’s son behind it. After twists and turns, Pandu colludes with Karunakar to clear Ashok.

How Ashok makes use of all the opportunities that come his way and wipes out all his rivals? How he climbs up the political ladder?


Vijay Anthony once again delivers impressive performance. He runs the whole show in this political thriller loaded with solid drama. He needs to improve his dances a lot. to Mia George is easy on eyes and does neat job in her limited role. Thiagarajan too is okay. But he fails as villain. Charle appeals in a serious character as Thyagi, minister Pandu’s PA. Swaminathan’s dubbing doesn’t sound good. His comedy too doesn’t work.  All others did justice to their roles.


Director Jeeva Shankar, who himself is a cinematographer, offers good visuals supported with the strong writing. The film has enough twists and turns that are unpredictable and thus makes the film engaging. Background Music works in favour of the film. Songs are passable as nothing great about them.

Thumbs Up:

Vijay Anthony
Background score

Thumbs Down:

Love Track
Post Interval Scenes


Political thrillers are interesting but not easy to hold the attention of audiences as they often turn “predictable” and pose as a big challenge to filmmakers who conceive. “Yaman” successfully manage to overcome this. This is where director Jeeva Shankar makes the difference. How the film is well packaged showcasing the loops in our political class is a laudable attempt. Unpredictable twists make viewers hook to their seats.

Yet Yaman isn’t all that great. The film has its own shortcomings. There are several unbelievable, far-from-truth scenes that put us off. Film actress falling in love for a common man makes us disbelieve. Even their romantic track wasn’t etched well. Weak villains mar the film to an extent. While one is a senior minister in power and other is an ex MLA who has vast experience, yet both fail to stop the rise of Ashok. The film’s length, especially in second half, doesn’t work well.

Climax is appealing though. How Ashok takes on his political guru Karunakaran as well as the rival Pandu makes the film a good watch.

Verdict: Yaman Is Right Only In Parts

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