Radha Movie Review : Funny but predictable

Radha Movie review
Cast: Sharwanand, Lavanya Tripathi, Ravi Kishan, Saptagiri, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Shankar, Brahmaji
Directed by: Chandra Mohan
Produced by: Bhogavalli Bapineedu
Music by: Radhan
Release Date: 2017-05-12
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Sharwanand has delivered a series of hits in the recent times. His films are now most-eagerly awaited as he picks up good stories.

The trailer of “Radha” has generated enough curiosity as it promised good entertainment. Although newcomer directs the film, “Radha” is carrying good expectations. How has the film fared up? Let’s find out.

What is it about?

Radha Krishna (Sharwanand) wants to become a police, it is his dream. When he finally becomes one, he is posted to Warangal. He meets Radha (Lavanya Tripathi) and falls in love with her. He is again transferred to Hyderabad where he gets involved with Sujatha (Ravi Kishan), a CM candidate. What happens in the end is what all the film is about.

For the first time, Sharwanand has done the role of police officer. Surprisingly, he fits well in that role though he has played the character with mischief. Sharwanand has made the routine story entertaining for most parts.

Lavanya Tripathi has played typical heroine role. After long time, we get to see Sapthagiri doing a good comedy role; his spoof is hilarious.

Ravi Kishan’s role is extension of his character in “Racegurram”. Among other actors, Shakalaka Shankar and Brahmji have got good roles.


Production values are pretty good as the film has been made on a decent scale. Radhan’s music sounds good with the visuals and his background score is apt. Dialogues are funny and have been written with a lot of wit. Editing is just about okay and so was the camera work. Sharwa has been styled nicely as he looks handsome.
Coming to the director Chadra Mohan, he has played a safe game and has narrated the film in a simple manner. There is absolutely nothing new in his story or narration but he scores full marks in showcasing Sharwa in a superb manner which holds the film together.

Thumbs Up:
Sharwanand’s performance as cop
Few Comedy Scenes

Thumbs Down:
Regular story
Routine Treatment
Predictable narration


Radha is a typical commercial film in which the director’s sole aim is to offer entertainment to the audience. Chandra Mohan succeeds in giving enough enjoyable moments, but there is nothing to take home. You will forget everything once you are out of the cinemas. Radha is a perfect popcorn flick where nothing has to be taken seriously.

You can easily kill time with Radha if you are not expecting any story or novelty from it. However, if you look for something new from regular stuff, you may come out disappointed as Radha refuses to step out of comfort zone. Director switches from comedy to romance to hero-villain mind games all the time and banks upon comedy to cover up the shortcomings of a weak plot.

Sharwanand is an actor who doesn’t try too hard to impress. He simply believes in his skills and does the best he could do without going overboard. He is too good as Radha that his performance lifted a few mediocre scenes. Comedy is not forced and makes sure to keep a smile on the audiences face through the film.

Sharwanand’s recent comedies Run Raja Run and Express Raja offered something different from the usual stuff whereas Radha banks upon formulaic treatment. It may disappoint a section of audience, but people who don’t mind watching routine stuff until it is entertaining will give it the thumbs up.

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