LOL! She Wants To Direct A Film

Model-turned-actress Lavanya Tripathi has certainly come a long way in her filmy career spanning over just four-and-a-half years. The Dehradun girl credits her passion and love for cinema.
“When I started as a model, really, I never dreamt that I’d make it big in films,” says Lavanya who will be seen as Chandramukhi. Giving a peep into her role in Mister, Lavanya shares that Chandramukhi has a kid-like nature with good-heart. She’s emotional and sensitive.

Content about the way her career is shaping up, Lavanya is keen to buy a house in Hyderabad. However she complains that she hardly get time to buy a house as it requires proper research prior to the buying. Recently, her family has moved into their new house in Dehradun. But unfortunately Lavanya couldn’t make it to the house warming ceremony of their own house. “Despite planning much earlier to make it to the house warming function of our own house, I couldn’t make it as I was shooting for my film in Italy. I felt bad but it’s okay as I was occupied with work which I love most,” shared Lavanya.

Ask her whether she has any plans to wield the megaphone. “Hmm… I do have. But not anytime sooner. It will take time. I will direct a film one day. When I do, I give my 100 percent. I give 100 percent to whatever I do. I also have plans to do short films with my younger brother. But we have to see, ” shares Lavanya who said to have noted a few plotlines.

Saying that she doesn’t have any regrets, she says she loves to do roles with substance like she did in LOL (Lachimi Deviki O Lekkundi). Film might not have done well, but Lavanya is content that her role, performance was received well.

Ask her whether she has any plans to do female-centric films. Pat comes reply. “I’m ready to do. But provided it has to be good. Let’s see. Let them come my way.”

On parting note, Lavanya says she is confident about Mister.

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