‘Mukunda’ Movie Success Meet live – Varun Tej, Pooja Hegde



‘Mukunda’ Movie Success Meet – Varun Tej, Pooja Hegde (28th December 2014) Sunday

Actress Opens Up On Alcohol Addiction

Behind all the glamor and colorful life, film industry people possess several dark secrets which they generally don’t talk about in public. Bold Bollywood actress turned filmmaker Pooja Bhatt is one rare celeb who speaks her mind and often makes startling revelations.

Pooja Bhatt, the daughter of renowned filmmaker Mahesh Bahtt, has now confessed that she was addicted to alcohol for several years. ‘I have Scottish genes in me. My grandfather was Scottish and my father, Mahesh Bhtatt, was a voracious drinker until her quit. So, the addiction of drinking came natural to me,’ Bhatt admitted.

“It was last Christmas that I decided to stop this. It is hard but I survived for three months now. It is even harder to explain people why you were not drinking on days like New Year and Christmas,” said Pooja.

She added that she overcame alcohol addiction by first acknowledging that she had a problem and then through self-counselling.


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