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Chiru-Brahmi Episode Hurts Director’s Wife

Couple of days ago, comedian Brahmanandam has taken the hot seat as a celebrity guest on Chiranjeevi’s Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu. During the show time, Brahmi spoke about director Jandhyala and his alcohol issues for which even Chiru nodded. And here comes the criticism now.
Late Jandhayala’s wife Annapurna shared that it’s not good on the part of Brahmi to talk about her husband’s alcohol issues. During the show, Brahmi narrated an incident where Jandhyala has asked him on stage if he’s looking drunken and so. Annapurna has not only got the channel to sent the clippings of the show to her, but also called up Brahmi to tell him that it’s not good on his part to talk about Jandhayala garu.

“I’ve called up Brahmanandam and told him that it’s not fair to talk about my husband’s alcohol issues, which is not true. The show organisers have promised to edit out that part when the show gets up on the internet. I didn’t call Chiranjeevi, but as a host, he too should avoid that talk”, Annapurna shared with a media house.

Meanwhile, some say that our society doesn’t like to talk about the issues of people who are no more and give a map to the future stars. It’s high time we change our attitude, says an observer.

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