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Sunny’s Costly Dance Failed To Attract!!

Director Puri Jagan for some unknown reason has roped in seductress Sunny Leone to shake a leg at “Rogue” audio launch last night, though she’s not related to the movie in any angle.

Guess what, huge money was doled out to bring this struggling Bollywood hottie to fly to Hyderabad and shake her waist at the audio launch. But what was expected to be a sizzling treat from the former adult-film-star has now become a damp squib. Sunny Leone looked like any other dancer with regular charms who perform at Telugu audio functions many times.

More than Sunny Leone’s dance, hot charms of Rogue movie’s second heroine Angela Krislincki have caught the attention of many. Also, Mannara Chopra pulled out an interesting performance on the stage with her catchy expressions. At the same time all other struggling heroines, models and wannabe-heroines present at the venue, made the event look like a promotional campaign of Puri’s very own agency, Puri Connects. That engulfed the presence of Sunny in dark clouds.

In the meantime, a little birdie reveals us that it is producer CR Manohar who has spent lavishly to bring Sunny Leone to Hyderabad such that the event would get immense attention. Had he brought any star Telugu hero, the attention would have got intensified many times, isn’t it?

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