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Why Renu Desai Didn’t Marry Again?

Ever since Renu Desai and Pawan Kalyan broke their marriage and parted ways, there have been several speculations and questions. And one major question of them is that when Pawan entered into marriage again, why didn’t Renu opt for second marriage?

Responding to it in an interview with a web-channel, Renu said, “I went to a counselor as I was very confused. When she observed that my thoughts were in haywire, she was helping me get my thoughts in order. She too posed me same question. Then, my natural answer was that I don’t want to invest my emotion, love on any other person in an ideal, Utopian situation. As I was thought in philosophy, expectations lead to pain, misery which is basic philosophy. And spirituality too says it.”

“Even in Geetha (Bhagavad Gita), Sri Krishna had said the same. Not to expect anything. And then I’ve tattoo ‘Sthita Pragyna’ on my hand which I want to be ‘Sthitha Pragyna’. Be that. All the Sadhus, Saints are single.”

“But also that still I’am in my 30’s, I felt if I ever become 50 years old or 60 years old and I look back into my life ( if I am live till then ), I may say arey I should have had companionship in my 30’s, I should have had a husband, I should have had a ‘married life’…should have had planned holidays and discuss films..But that man in life would be stepfather to my kids but still he’d be man in my life. This I haven’t experienced so far.”

“Till last year, I’m very clear on marriage that I shouldn’t marry again. I have had enough of marriage in my life. But slowly I started thinking why not? So at least emotionally opened up my options. Emotionally I’m getting myself ready for a second relationship. I’m even scared while talking about it as relationships are painful and it has been a painful journey for me. So I don’t know what destiny has planned for me. I don’t know if it’s written. But certainly that love can’t be there. I don’t think I’ll fall in love or swoon for someone like it happened to me in the past. I doubt it won’t happen again. I’ve become a little cynical. So, I’d like to experience it.”

She concluded saying, “I’m as single as any person can get. I wish I find someone.” Renu added that she had become joke to her friends as she saw several not so beautiful ladies being single and she hope that she wasn’t ugly to be single. Renu said that if she ever finds a man that she thinks he’s correct person for her and for kids, she said she’d be the first person to tell the world about him and declare it.

It can be inferred that Renu may marry again later in her life if she finds a correct person to her, her kids.


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