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You can’t see Gaddar anymore with a Red Flag

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Balladeer Gaddar, who is synonymous to Maoist ideology and revolutionary writer during the intensified Maoist movement, had finally bid adieu to Naxalism. He declared at a public meeting quitting CPI Maoist party with which he associated for more than 25 years. From now onwards, he will embrace AMBEDKAR and Phoole ideologyand serve the poor.
Gaddar was the face of naxal movement in the United Andhra Pradesh during early 1990s. He propagated Maoist ideology through his revolutionary songs and writings among youth and waged a war against the then governments on exploitation of downtrodden communities and injustice meted out to destitute.

He also faced life threats from the governments. He was survived by deadly attack from his rivals twenty years ago.

Gaddar said that his new task is to fight against ‘Dorala Telangana’ and bring in social Telanagana. He will extensively tour Telangana and ascertain the plights of people under KCR rule. He will also visit other parts of South India to study people’s problems soon.

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