Murali Krishna Encounter with TTDP Chief LRamana

‘Pawan Ki Malli Pelli Chesthada Enti?’

Pawan Kalyan’s hysterical laugh during the pre-release event of Katamarayudu has remained a mystery ever since the event was held the other day.

As Pawan seemingly laughed after Ali said something, it was speculated by some people on social media that the ace comedian might have cracked an adult joke, for which he is quite famous. During his speech at another event, Ali has finally put an end card to the suspense of Pawan’s animated laugh

Ali said, ‘When producer Sharrath Marrar kept on praising Pawan’s dressing and stylish looks in ‘Panche’, I said, ‘Malli Pelli gani chesthada’ enti? Although I said it casually, it made Pawan crack up uncontrollably. I didn’t think it would become a rage on social media’.

Ali is known to be a close friend of Pawan. They share so great a bond that even a joke on his marriage (Pawan already married thrice) made Pawan laugh. We wonder how the actor would have reacted if someone else had said the same thing right on his face.


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