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Ram Charan Surprises Upasna on Weekend

Upasana Instagram

Ram Charan has surprised his wife and best friend Upasana on the weekend. The actor took time off from his hectic shooting schedule in Rajahmundry and flown down to Hyderabad just to spend quality time with Upasana and his family in the weekend.

“Lonely eve. Missing mr.C. Hectic shooting schedules in the Rajamundry heat,” wrote Upasana earlier on her Instagram page on Friday evening sharing a lone pic of her. And Charan indeed surprised her by making it to the home for the weekend.

Charan is going to return to Rajahmundry on Monday to resume the film’s shoot where special sets have been erected to shoot for over a month.

On other hand, the film marks the first-time collaboration of Sukumar and Charan. Since Sukumar has so far dealt with stories against urban backdrop, there have been apprehensions on how the director is going to showcase Charan in a film set in village milieu. Another apprehension is that Charan would be seen as partial hearing-impaired guy this he hasn’t tried before. We have to wait and see how the film shapes up.

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