Murali Krishna’s encounter with Dadi Veerabhadra Rao

Sreenu Vaitla’s Special Interest on Hebah

If grapevine is to be believed, director Sreenu Vaitla is taking special care on actress Hebah Patel. It’s buzzed that Sreenu has increased the role of Hebah in their upcoming film Mister.

Apparently, as part of the initial script, Lavanya has more role and more screen presence. However, buzz is that Sreenu has increased Hebah’s role now which was originally short. It’s said that this would now accommodate both in almost the equal parts and balances the story.

The film is crucial for Varun as it comes after his debacle Loafer that was in news for wrong reasons. Varun is now pinning hopes on Vaitla’s Mister. After the trailer received mixed response, the makers are unveiling songs one after the other. If all goes as per the plan, the film will hit the screens on April 14.


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