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I Thought of A Story While Mourning My Wife’s Death: Dil Raju

Dilraju wife

Dil Raju, most active and successful producer of Tollywood in the past few years, has divulged that he thought of a story idea while mourning the death of his wife.
‘I didn’t come out of my house for two weeks after my wife’s death. I spent those days listening to the evergreen songs about life to overcome my grief. During this mourning phase, I thought of an idea and I am planning to make a film on it,’ revealed Raju during a recent interview.

The ‘Nenu Local’ producer said that he had experienced mixed things in life in the last five months. “Just when everything was going great with the success of Shatamanam Bhavathi and Nenu Local, and the birth of my grandson, God gave me a jerk in the form of my wife’s death. When I was immersed in grief, he brought me out of it by gifting me a national award. I have seen all this in a span of just five months,’ recalled the SVSC producer.

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