Murali Krishna’s encounter with Kavuri Sambasiva Rao


Murali Krishna's encounter with Kavuri Sambasiva Rao - Tv9
Murali Krishna’s encounter with Kavuri Sambasiva Rao – Tv9



Mohan Babu Begs Media Regarding Nitin Kapoor’s Suicide

Actor Mohan Babu has breathed fire on media over the way it has reported on Jayasudha’s husband’s Nitin Kapoor’s suicide. Terming Jayasudha as his sister, he appealed to media not to sensationalise and instead he asked them to maintain balance. “She is my sister. Please don’t talk whatever the way you want. No one knows what’s the exact reason for his husband’s suicide at this time. Stating financial issues as reason is utter nonsense. They’re well-settled,” said Mohan Babu. He said he’s praying to Lord Sai Baba to offer strength and his blessings to Jayasudha during these tough times.

It’s learnt that both Nitin and Jayasudha had come to Mohan Babu’s house just before four days and that is when Mohan Babu inquired about his health. Nitin wanted to produce a film soon and Mohan Babu too offered to play a guest role for free, considering his sisterly-bond with Jayasudha. It’s known that both of them were happy and even had lunch at his home. Hearing such a tragedy about her family upset Mohan Babu.

Mohan babu said ‘I would give one hundred percent for Nitin and his family and in this regard I am begging media for my sister, not to mention the reason for his death as financial trouble, but request you to call it a suspicious death instead’. Mohan babu recalls talking to Jayasudha few hours ago and assuring her that it was not any financial issue that led to her husband’s suicide.

Nitin Kapoor was suffering from severe depression since sometime and the last he was treated at Kokilaben hospital in Mumbai.

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