Murali Krishna’s Encounter – with Marri Sashidhar Reddy

Encounter - with Marri Sashidhar Reddy


Murali Krishna's encounter with Marri Shashidhar Reddy
Murali Krishna’s encounter with Marri Shashidhar Reddy
That’s Joke On Samantha: People Didn’t Get It

Right now people are busy debating how come a newspaper will be publishing an info about heroine Samantha without even verifying it. According to reports, a newspaper shared that Samantha and Naga Chaitanya got married at Brooklyn Bridge in New York the place that was shown in “Ye Maya Chesave” where they reunite.
Post this report, other media houses are seen immediately publishing clarifications that Samantha didn’t get married and they came to know about it from sources close to her. Frankly speaking, that report published in Deccan Chronicle newspaper about Samantha’s special wedding on Brooklyn Bridge was intended to make fun. Yes, it’s an April Fools Day joke which the report explained it towards the end.

With Samantha in Hyderabad from last one week, attending various events including a College event and IIFA Awards show, one naturally gets a doubt that Samantha didn’t go to the USA in the recent times rather Chaitanya too. But the joke published by Chronicle was so poetic and real that people started believing it after reading half the story.

It’s the latter part however that says the reader that they got April fooled by the perfectly crafted creative story.

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