Must Watch: Airlift Is Real and Emotional


When Bollywood became the home for meaningless movies collecting hundreds of crores and sex based vulgar films are minting money, a movie like Airlift stays on the other bay and is definitely a clean movie that treats us with emotions, action and drama.

The story revolves around a big shot Indian origin Kuwaiti businessman turns into a good Samaritan, though he exactly need not become. Akshay Kumar played the role of Ranjit Katiyal, who had plans of flying to London when Iraqi soldiers started attacking Kuwaiti people in 1990.

Ranjit turns the savior after watching the tragedy of many innocent Indians ruthlessly killed by merciless soldiers, not because he is a great human, but he unlikely takes it up, to save 1,70,000 other Indian refugees left on their won. Its all about how a businessman gets stubborn to save all of them and finally makes it with 488 flights in 59 days.

Emotions played the big role and touching scenes raise the bar to connect them to audience. The songs were not at all necessary and Nimrat Kaur, who played Ranjit’s wife character was too artificial. Akshay Kumar lived in the role and carried it to the best by sticking to reality in many scenes. Altogether, the film is a must-watch for its true story that keeps us connected to the real emotions.

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