Mutyala Muggu Serial Episode 369 (20th July 2017)

TV Show: Mutyala Muggu
Channel: Zee Telugu
Time: 9:30 PM
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The story revolves around the life of Bhulaxmi, her mother and family who hail from a remote village called Paderu. Bhumi is a Kabbadi and Bharatnatyam enthusisst who dreams of excelling in the field of sports and pursue further studies. However, the bitter past of Bhumi's mother holds Bhumi back from going all out in a big way. Unless Bhumi's teacher and her grandfather push her participate in a Kabbadi game that will change her life and take her to Hyderabad to fund education and pursue higher studies. She is pulled down by her rival Nandika whom she later comes to know is her half sister. Bhulaxmi goes through various tiffs. Meanwhile, there is a love triangle between Nandika, Virat and Bhulaxmi. How will her life change after this truth is revealed and how it affects the entire family forms the crux of the story.

Today’s Episode:

Mutyala Muggu Episode 369 (or)Part 1 Part 2 (20th July 2017) Thursday

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