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Akhila Priya Opens Up on Bhuma’s Ministry

Ever since Andhra Pradesh opposition YSR Congress party put forward the allegation that late leader Bhuma Nagi Reddy died because of betrayal by Telugu Desham chief, its president Jagan Mohan Reddy is attracting severe criticism from all quarters.

The Kurnool leader and MLA from Nandyal constituency is considered as one of the most prominent faces in Rayalaseema. He and his daughter Akhila Priya had left the YSRCP last year and joined TDP. Since then, a circulation has been largely underway that one of them would be given ministerial post in AP cabinet.

On Tuesday morning, YSRCP boycotted the state assembly session wherein the ruling presented condolence motion for Bhuma Nagi Reddy. Citing that ‘Babu’s cheating politics have caused depression in Bhuma and it’s led to his death’, YSRCP has played a big drama and skipped paying homage to Nagi Reddy.

Clarifying on their allegations, Allagadda MLA Akhila Priya today spoke to media and said ‘we haven’t switched our loyalties for the sake of cabinet position but for the development of Nandyal and Alladagga. My father’s dream was to build 10,000 houses for poor and lay four line roads in Nandyal.’

When the media folk asked about YSRCP’s walk out, Akhila Priya stated, ‘there absence will cause no difference to us.’ She also said, ‘I feel sad when kind of respect Jagan reciprocated for my parents, who dedicatedly worked for his YSRCP’ and she remembered how her mother used to stay away from them to meet Jagan Reddy in jail.

Also, it is now in the news that Telugu Desham party is contemplating the idea of honoring the young Akhila Priya with cabinet berth after the ongoing budget session.

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