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Andhra, Telangana Bhai Bhai..

Here is another example to show that people of the two Telugu states still harbor the same bond even after the separation of states.

In an incident that reflects humanity and kindness, an Andhra lawyer fought for several years to rescue a Telangana laborer who was sanctioned death sentence by the rigid Saudi law.

Limbadri, a TS laborer, spent more than 20 decades in Saudi working as a laborer. The last time he came to India was back in 2007, for his daughter’s marriage. After going back to Saudi, he reportedly had a scuffle with a local and was framed for the murder of him.

Known for its resentment towards laborers from other countries, the Saudi law awarded death sentence to Limbadri. Thousands of kilometers away from his home land, there was no one for his help until an Andhra lawyer named Rasool came to Limbardi’s rescue.

As per reports. Rasool fought for years, took the issue to the notice of High Court and later the Supreme Court, took the help of a few NGOs and convinced a big Dubai Sheikh, and after going through all these hardships, he managed to rescue Limbadri from the claws of death in Saudi.

Humanity doesnt know region, religion, caste, race etc. Would there be a better example than this story?


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