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Harish Shocking Comments on Andhra Contractors

Harish Shocking Comments on Andhra Contractors

Hard-core Telangana leader and TRS minister Harish Rao has made a shocking comments on Andhra contractors. In what could be a volte-face, Harish, who had once questioned and strongly objected Andhra contractors, has now admitted that the experience and expertise of Andhra contractors is what make them ahead of others. He said neither TRS nor anyone could do about the contracts going into the hands of Andhra contractors as it’s a legal and logical procedure they follow and who ever quotes less and has eligibility will get the contracts.
“As we follow online e-procurement tender, there’s nothing that we could do or for that matter, there’s nothing that anyone could do about it. Contractors from UP, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and AP have come. When I tried to understand, I got to know that Andhra contractors are more across the country and they’re not just limited to Telangana. From Kashmir to Tamil Nadu to Uttar Pradesh, Andhra contractors are everywhere. In fact, they’re doing works in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka too,” Harish opined.

“Since they’ve already established as entrepreneurs for the past 50 years, and they got exposure to the major projects, they earned good experience. So whoever has good eligibility and quotes less will get the contracts. Actually, we couldn’t discriminate the tender that’s allotted online,” Harish added.

Harish stated, “Andhra contractors are building airports, constructing national highways and irrigation projects cutting across the states, regions.” He said he had visited Madhya Pradesh after learning in Central government’s All India Irrigation Conference that 1 TMC water is used for 15,000 acres to 20,000 acres in order to adopt it for Telangana, but Harish said he was shocked to learn that the irrigation projects in Madhya Pradesh were built by Andhra companies only like Navayuga and Megha.

The Telangana Irrigation Minister also clarified that CM is being reasonable in the house and giving mike to Opposition leaders, parties in order to have more questions and answers so that ruling would be transparent.

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