Another Big Channel To Do Pawan Bhajana

Pawan Kalyan is the name many are looking at when it comes to 2019 elections. For now, there is no clarity of his plans regarding Janasena Party, but many think that he will contest in all seats in the upcoming general election.
Now that Pawan has also given enough signals about his participation in the elections, some big media houses are taking sides. Those media houses that are allies of political parties are trying to tone down Pawan’s presence, but a couple of media houses have rather openly declared their support to the star. They pledged to make him a political game changer in the coming times.

And that led to a rethinking of strategies in other media houses as well. A big media house that always bombs controversial news and throws satires rather sharply is now contemplating to change its guard. In a recent meeting with the Editorial Board, the channel boss is said to have given a go to air positive news on Pawan Kalyan and cut the negative crap about him. Is this not an indication that this channel will also do Janasena Bhajana in the coming times?

As ruling TDP is embarrassed with various situations and opposition YSR Congress or Congress not making any noise, it seems like these media houses want to put Pawan Kalyan first in the vacuum. Will they succeed?

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