Balayya’s Rockstar Avatar: Who’s Behind It?

Nandamuri Balakrishna generally appears in either khaddar shirts and pant or seen wearing blazers some time. Also, he sticks to wearing a jeans pant and a plain shirt over it, tucked in, but this time he has stunned with this attire.

Though it took some time for people to start discussing Balayya’s new attire, thanks to Puri Jagan’s supportive speech of Balayya’s slap-gate that diverted all the attention, right now everyone is wondered about the change the Nandamuri star flaunted. If you could notice Balayya at the audio launch of Paisa Vasool, he’s seen wearing a desaturated deep cobalt-blue military dictator like jacket/blazer over a tee-shirt and jeans and showcased a complete uber-cool avatar. In a way, he reminded us of many rockstar getups most closely to the way Ranbir Kapoor looked in “Rockstar” movie.

Insiders revealed that though Balayya wanted to come in a regular avatar to Khammam, where the audio launch took place in front of thousands of Nandamuri fans, it’s heroine Charmme who wanted to give a new look to the Paisa Vasool star. Actually, director Puri Jagan also wanted to make sure that Balayya looks different in this event as he’s seen in the same Khaddar avatars at Nandyal by-poll campaigning too.

Wearing such getups on the silver screen is a routine for our senior stars, but flaunting similar attitude at a film promotion event is something new. And Balayya did it in style, taking his peers and juniors by a sudden surprise. We have to see if he promotes the film in a similar fashion as well.

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