BJP’s ‘Lucky Bikes’ Arrive Telangana

Telangana BJP has come out with a novel idea. To improve its fortunes in the next general elections, the party has brought the bikes used in UP elections to the state.
Considering the two wheeler bikes a “luck” to the party during the poll campaign in Uttar Pradesh, state party leaders requested the BJP high command for the use of vehicles in the party activities in Telangana.

About 120 bikes were brought to the state BJP office. These bikes will also be used to take up intensive campaign on the policies and programmes of the BJP and the central schemes that have been sanctioned for the state of Telangana.

These bikes were used extensively in election campaign in Uttar Pradesh where the saffron party won the election with resounding victory recently. Leaders said there is sentiment attached to these bikes and these bikes will prove to be lucky for them in Telangana as well.

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