Blue Whale Mastermind Arrested

Blue Whale has been a sensation across the globe and the mastermind behind the game who is a 17-year old girl has been arrested in Russia. The cops managed to detain the girl who is said to have been the mastermind behind this game.

It was Blue Whale which provoked thousands of kids to commit suicide across the world. If the player fails to complete the tasks in the game, he or should either kill themselves or their family members as per the rules of the Blue Whale game.

There have been many other harmful acts which have been ordered. One more Russian guy who is 21-years old has been arrested recently near Moscow for forcing innocent girls to kill themselves.

Psychologically traumatizing situations have been created after 50 taks have been aimed. The tasks have been completely harming the players after which they have been forced to kill themselves or their family members.

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