Brahmini Satires on Lokesh

Nara Brahmini and Nara Lokesh share friendly banter at home. And not many know that Brahmini often takes dig at Lokesh for being ‘nonsalaried’ albeit jocularly. And it was revealed by Lokesh himself who said that he’d take them in his stride. As he is all set to join the roles of MLC, Lokesh is happy that he too would get salary.


“She always try to pull my leg saying I don’t earn and I depend on her. Since I’m going to start as an MLC, I’ll get salary soon,” shared Nara Lokesh.

Talking about carrying forward his father Chandrababu Naidu’s legacy and his grandfather NT Ramarao’s legacy, he vowed that he would never do anything that would damage their reputation. “I don’t know whether I’d be able to get good reputation as my father and my grandfather. But I’m sure that I will not bring bad reputation to their name.”
About Assets

Lokesh stated that no allegations were made against him when his father was the Chief Minister between 1996 to 2004. He said that YS Jagan Reddy set a bad precedence being in news for wrong reasons as a CM’s son. “So, this may make believe to a section of people that even Lokesh would be the same. Hence, the onus lies on me to clarify to people. We’re the only family in politics who have been consistently declaring our assets publicly. I don’t want to earn money in a wrong route. There’s no point resorting to such way even after being well-read, well-educated,” said Lokesh adding that he’d rather try to earn money in a fair way.

On Pawan Kalyan

Lokesh lauded Pawan for taking up issues such as mysterious kidney disease called Uddanam Nephropathy to the notice of the government. “Issues such as Uddanam need to be brought to government’s notice. At times, government may miss them. Thanks to Pawan for bringing up it with us. And we have immediately acted on it and providing necessary help to the victims from the government,” said Lokesh.

Tips from Chandrababu

Lokesh said he’d receive tips from Chandrababu Naidu who has over four decades of political experience. “Dad often gives me tips on whom to meet and whom not to meet, whom to talk and whom not to talk. I take his advice.”

Lokesh corroborated that he’d soon be sworn in as minister in Chandrababu Naidu’s cabinet which is expected to see cabinet shuffle or cabinet expansion.

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