Can Keshava Prove Tollywood is Not Just Baahubali?

The entire country is now looking at Tollywood after Baahubali has proved the stamina of a Telugu film. None of the film released after Baahubali 2 could break any new ground as they were all either routine or poorly executed attempts. Can this Friday release ‘Keshava’ prove that TFI is not just Baahubali and that we can make other groundbreaking films too?
Still submerged in Baahubali euphoria, Telugu movie lovers are waiting for a movie that can challenge the Rajamouli directorial and provide another option to them at theaters. On the other hand, filmmakers and movie buffs across other film industries are frantically looking at Tollywood to find out if it can produce more inspiring films like Baahubali or continue to make those routine commercial stuff.

Right from the posters to the hear-pounding trailer, Nikhil’s May 19 release ‘Keshava’ has promised to be an intense thriller with an intelligent point at its core. With a short runtime of under two hours, impressive star cast, a rugged and dogged looking Nikhil as the protagonist and potential subject, ‘Keshava’ looks to have all the necessary ingredients to lap up the opportunity to become the next breakthrough hit after ‘Baahubali’.

We have also seen films having terrific trailers bombing at box office. Hope that Keshava doesn’t belong to this category.

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