Change Your Stories, Not Bathrooms & Bedrooms

Aagadu. Bruce lee. Mister. That’s three disasters in a row and any star director’s fame would get dented due to such big blows. Ace director Sreenu Vaitla who expected a huge turnaround from Mister got sunk into deep crisis now. He’s also worried about the feeling that his third attempt with the Mega family got misfired.

We hear that Vaitla is blaming the bad ‘Vaastu’ of his house for these drastic results. Though he has made huge changes to the Vaastu of his new house to which he shifted just before Aagadu release, the results of his films are no different. Some expert Vaastu pandits popular in film circles are said to have told him that positioning of a bedroom and another bathroom is not right in the house.
For all believers of Vaastu, maybe what these pundits have found out is true, but frankly speaking, there is another important aspect that is troubling this talented director who made memorable films like Anandam and Dookudu.

If Sreenu Vaitla is selecting only those passable stories with known equations, those beaten to death scenes with nothing fresh, those old-school emotions and over-chewed comedy scenes, those crowded villains and pointless sentiments- what could Vaastu and Gods do??

To sum up, first change your stories Vaitla, not these bathrooms and bedrooms.

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