I Didn’t Even Touch Kajal Agarwal

Raju Nene Mantri. Made with a simple budget, the film went on to mint double for Suresh Babu and other producers involved in it. That elated our talented director as well.

Every time when Teja’s film is coming, he’s posed with the same question, did you hurt your heroine this time? Talking about this, Teja reveals what exactly happened all the time and if he has hurt Kajal now or not. “Actually I’ve slapped Anitha during Nuvvu Nenu shooting, but we’ve exaggerated it and slightly over promoted it to bring attention to the movie. Otherwise, I don’t have any fetish to hit actresses that way” says Teja.

What about Kajal then? There are rumors that he has slapped her during Lakshmi Kalyanam times and now he has to convince her big time to do Nene Raju Nene Mantri movie. “There is no truth in that. I didn’t even touched Kajal Agarwal during the making of Lakshmi Kalyanam, nor this time. She’s a brilliant actor and understands what I need and what the scene demands” he avers, giving full credit to Kajal.

On the other hand, Teja stated that he will not work with newcomers from now onwards as he’s feeling tough to get things related to acting and expressions right from them.

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