Discussion On Samantha’s Blue Ticks

Other day when Nagarjuna Akkineni shared a screenshot of WhatsApp messages from his ‘kodalu’ Samantha, there is euphoria everywhere. Looking at the way these two bond, people felt how caring and understanding souls they are.

Here comes an interesting discussion, however, when it comes to what could be read from the screenshot. Actually many celebs don’t allow others to notice when they are ‘Last Seen’ on the messaging app. At the same time, there is this option to turn off the ‘Blue Ticks’ which is an indicator of ‘read’ status of a message.

If we could see Samantha-Nag’s screenshots, the previous messages sent by Nagarjuna to Sam have no blue ticks. It’s an indicator that even Samantha doesn’t allow anyone to know whether she read it or not.

Anyway, finding out some trivial details about celebs always makes for that small sense of discovering a new thing. On the film’s note, Samantha will soon join the latest schedule of Ram Charan’s movie that is being directed by Sukumar.

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