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Known for her sensuous video clips and seductively hot pictures, the model turned actress Poonam Pandey is the undoubted scorching star on Internet. Poonam became quite popular out of nowhere after she declared to go topless if Indian Cricket team wins World Cup in 2011.
The hot bombshell recently launched a mobile application with a view to provide an exciting experience to fans and netizens by updating it with her curvy pictures, hot videos and other news. But, she was served a jolt as Google India suspended her app from Play Store. When her fans quizzed her about the same, the seductress, who has unaware of reasons, said – ‘#AskGoogle why did they ban #PoonamPandeyApp?’

She further made a statement, ‘I don’t know why. I see many adult magazines on Play Store and App Store. It’s interesting that on one hand, Google Play Store is suspending the app and on the other, some fans are ‘complaining’ that I am not even nude in the photos.’

This move by Google India, apparently, disabled users from downloading app on Android Play Store and Poonam sees it in her own way. Yes, the splashy beauty covered it up saying that she is extremely happy about the immense response for app – it has recorded 15000 downloads in a matter of 15 minutes.

Besides sharing a proxy link to download the app, Poonam promised that the issue with Google would be settled soon.

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