India wins over Pakistan at International Court

Pakisthan Jadhav Save


Unarguably, the most talked over subject that’s making the news from the last few days has been the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav at International Court of Justice (ICJ) at Hague, Netherlands.
India approached the ICJ for its intervention in the Jadhav’s sentence to death by the Pakistani military court on charges of spying. And the ICJ ordered a stay on Jadhav’s sentencing at India’s request on 9 May. After hearings in the last week, in a big blow to Pakistan, the world court today made a decision to suspend Jadhav’s sentence and granted consular access for him- to India- under Vienna convention.

In a reply to Pakistan’s statement, the ICJ said that the 2008 Indo-Pak agreement doesn’t prevent it from exercising jurisdiction. Later, the international court directed Pakistan not to execute Jadhav until its final decision.

The people of whole country celebrates this sensational judgement and were in an ecstatic state with India a step ahead of Pakistan at the international stage.

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