Jabardasth 2: Director Jagan, Actress Roja

Strongly reacting to the remarks of Roja against IT & PR Minister Lokesh and CM Chandrababu Naidu, TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna has breathed fire on YSRCP president Jagan and its controversial MLA Roja. Stating that Jagan Reddy has started Jabardasth 2 in Andhra Pradesh, Buddha said that Jagan is providing story, screenplay and direction with Roja as its actress.
Responding to Lokesh’s slip-of-tongue moment comments, Buddha retaliated, “Lokesh has newly come. Jagan who has been MP since 2009 calls Republic Day as Independence Day.” Defending Lokesh, Buddha recalled that Lokesh hadn’t taken anyone’s MLA seat or MP seat but has got MLC.

Further countering Roja’s comments on Naidu, Buddha remained her that both Jagan and Roja have 420 cases against them and hence dubbed them as the “cheaters”.

On concluding note Buddha said that there comes a day when Jagan throws Roja out from YSRCP and that day she will scold back Jagan.

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