Jagan’s First Response After Shocking Defeat


After facing shocking defeat in the MLC elections, which included losing the seat in his bastion Kadapa district, opposition party leader YS Jagan spoke to media in Vjayawada. Jagan dubbed the stunning victory of TDP as unethical.
‘Chandrababu, who tried to buy MLAs in Telangana, is continuing his devious politics in AP too. They have lured, bribed and even threatened the voters and despite all this, barely managed to win with the help of cross voting,’ Jagan allegedly said.

He called the victory of TDP unethical and immoral. ‘People know how Chandrababu used his malicious tactics to win this election. They will surely teach him a lesson in 2019,’ he added.

Earlier, TDP candidate B-Tech Ravi won the MLC Election in Kadapa, which had been the stronghold of YSR family for the past 6 decades, defeating YSRCP candidate and Jagan’s uncle YS Vivekananda Reddy with a margin of 33 votes.

While the YCP leaders accused TDP of resorting to ‘Cross Voting’, the TDP leaders said that they effectively stopped the ‘Cross Voting’ ploy of YCP by introducing Bar Coding in the elections.

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