Kamal’s film finally getting ready

Kamal Hassan

Well, after several months, here is the new development we learned for the most-anticipated sequel to Universal Hero Kamal Hassan’s Viswaroopam.
As the financial problems for ace producer Aascar Ravichandran impacted the highly anticipated Viswaroopam-II, fans of Kamal Haasan were left with very little amount of information regarding the project. The film, which was almost shelved and delayed multiple times in last two+ years, is finally being revived and getting ready for release in all languages.

The latest reports suggest that the dubbing activity, including Telugu and other versions, is currently underway and the final copy is expected by October this year.

Touted as a spy thriller, Viswaroopam-II is speculated to have strong mother sentiment and top-notch action episodes. It’s been 4 years since first installment of Viswaroopam strode into cinemas and most of the cast reunited for second part as well. In the meanwhile, Kamal walked over to Sabash Naidu and discontinued after he fractured his leg in July last year.

It can be recalled about the fantabulous success of its first part after a series of controversies including an outrage from a religious group.

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