Is Mahesh Becoming Another Vijay??


It may offend fans, but our star heroes are no doubt far from experimentation when it comes to their looks. Unlike an Amir Khan or Vikram, we’ve no Telugu hero at the moment who would change his look drastically for each film.

Even in Kollywood where experiment-loving heroes are a bit high, even Superstar Vijay shows no interest in experimenting with looks. Whatever maybe his character, police or pick pocketer, army guy or awara, he always maintains same hair style and facial looks. We heard that its a sentiment for Vijay to not change his looks as changing them for earlier films has yielded him only flops.
Cut to Tollywood, it seems like even Mahesh Babu is also following the same sentiment that of Vijay. Look at his films like 1-Nenokkadine, Brahmotsavam, Srimanthudu and now Spyder. Almost his look is same from all the films and there is no change at all. Except for slight hair-length variations, there is no change in hair style, beard and other facial looks. While Mahesh always says at audio functions that his look in that day’s film is the best of his looks, in reality, all his looks are pretty same, aren’t they?

Maybe some films like Athidhi where Mahesh experimented with hairstyle have flopped big time, so he might have decided to not change his looks.

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