When Modi Told BJP MP to Shut Up

The comments made by a BJP MP allegedly against Prime Minister Narendra Modi just at a time when the Union Cabinet reshuffle was happening, have attracted the attention of everyone.

Maharashtra BJP MP Nana Patole reportedly said that Modi does not like being asked questions. He added that the PM had got angry with him when he tried to make a few pertinent suggestions about farmer suicides at a meeting of party MPs. “Although I raised the valid issue, he got angry and asked me to shut up,” Patole allegedly said.

Earlier, there were reports in media about Modi giving Patole an earful at a meeting of BJP MPs.

Continuing further, Patole said that all Union Ministers are afraid of Modi. “I am not interested in ministership. I know I am on the ‘hitlist’ but I am not afraid of anyone,” he reportedly said allegedly taking potshots at the PM.

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