No Affair Between My Son And Aarthi Agarwal

No Affair Between My Son And Aarthi Agarwal

There was a time when deceased heroine Aarthi Agarwal has drunk something to kill herself and later was saved at a hospital. Back then, rumours have that due to her breakup with hero Tarun, this situation has come. In the first place, are these two really lovers? Did they have any affair? Why didn’t they get married then?
Hero Tarun’s mother Rojaramani, an actress and dubbing artist, asserted that whatever was heard about her son and Aarthi were just trash. “They are good friends. I spoke to her only once during Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu 100 days function and she’s very sweet. She consumed poison for other reasons which media knows better, but not due to a relationship with Tarun” she said. Saying that she felt very sad after hearing news of Aarthi Agarwal’s death, Rojaramani said, “She’s too young to meet such fate”.

Talking more about rumours related to Tarun-Aarthi’s marriage, she shared some interesting logics. “If Tarun and Aarthi wished to get married, definitely they could have done that with or without our support. They both are majors and they are earning good, none would have stopped them. Even if our son conveyed us the same, we would have got him married. There was nothing like love between them, they are just rumours only”, she said.

Also, she clarified “Later Aarthi got married to someone else. In case if she has loved Tarun surely she would not have got married that way”.

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