NTR’s ‘Unspoken love’ On Pranathi

Probably for the first time, NTR has talked about his wife Lakshmi Pranathi on a public platform. While talking about the ‘unspoken love’, NTR stated that he also has an unspoken love on his wife Pranathi which he couldn’t express normally in his house.

Elaborating on it, NTR said how Pranathi has been supporting him thoroughly and helping him. NTR shared that he has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and he cannot accept if his tooth brush is not placed to his right-hand side and tooth paste to his left-hand side and Pranathi wakes up early and takes care of each and every minute detail about him perfectly. NTR said that Pranathi does all this for him despite having her own interests.

Also NTR earlier shared how his son Abhay Ram has become closer to him compared to him earlier.

Never before, NTR has spoken about wife Pranathi publicly and always maintained silence on his private life. Probably after turning father, NTR has changed a lot and ‘opening’ a lot these days. It’s certainly a good sign. Of course, all thanks to Bigg Boss too.

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