Rajamouli’s Sincere request in Kannada

Rajamouli's Sincere request in Kannada

From a time, few groups from Karnataka are vehemently opposing the releasing of Baahubali 2 in Karnataka. They don’t want any version of the film, whether Telugu, Tamil or Hindi to release in their state. And this has nothing to do with the film, but the comments made by actor Satyaraj on Kaveri issue some 9 years ago are the cause.
Despite numerous appeals from Baahubali makers, Karnataka Rakshana Vedike has confirmed that they are not only calling for a ban on Baahubali 2 release but also holding a state bandh on April 28th as the film is scheduled to release that day. All these days Rajamouli gave press statements about the issue, but now he has taken to a video message, and that spoke in Kannada to clarify his stand.

“Maybe actor Satyaraj has made some comments on Kaveri issue, but that was 9 years ago and we (Baahubali team) are no way connected with that. We spoke to him on phone already, but can’t do much. Satyaraj is neither director nor producer of the film. Many other artists and technicians are attached with this film and the success of the film is so important for all of them. Huge money is also at stake with the film and I request Kannada groups to understand this and allow the film’s release. Like the way you received Baahubali 1, please shower similar love on Baahubali 2 as well” said Rajamouli, through his video, where he spoke in the Kannada language.

The video showcases how sincerely Rajamouli appealed to the people of the Sandalwood and we have to see how they will respond.
Click Here to Watch Rajamouli’s Sincere Appeal in Kannada

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