Rajini Appeals Fans to Be Ready For ‘War’

Rajinikanth Fans Meet

On the last day of his meeting with fans, superstar Rajinikanth has given enough hints on his highly anticipated political plunge. Rajini told his fans to go home for now and he asked them to stand by him when he calls for a ‘War’ in future, if necessary.

Addressing fans on Friday, the last day of his meet-and-greet sessions, Rajini made a speech that looked like a mini political campaign. He did not assure but sort of made it clear that he would jump into politics if God wills. Actually, he repeated the same statement that he had uttered on the first day of fans meet but this time with more conviction and promise.
Rajinikanth said that Tamil Nadu has some good leaders but added that none could do anything as long as the system is rotten. He appealed for bringing a change in the system first.

Fans of Rajinikanth have been requesting him for years to join politics and save Tamil Nadu. The actor however shied away from politics for the reasons best known to him. The demands however never died and they got intensified especially after the death of former chief minister J Jayalalithaa, which resulted in a political crisis in the state. The BJP high command has also been trying for a long time to woo Rajinikanth to join their party but the legend has softly rejected.

As per the current buzz in Tamil Nadu, Rajini is is considering starting his own political party.

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