Sr Heroine Met Pawan For 30 Mins, Whats Up?


Pawan Kalyan won’t meet any of his colleagues post the shooting period is what rumours say generally. But it looks like the reality is something quite different to that. Senior heroine Raasi revealed about her recent meeting with the Powerful hero of Tollywood. And now, what’s the purpose of this meeting is what being vividly discussed.
“Gokulamlo Seetha” is a hit film of Pawan Kalyan that has Raasi playing the role of heroine. While the couple hasn’t worked again, definitely this beautiful lady went on maintaining a good relation with Pawan. She says, “Recently I’ve met Pawan Kalyan on the eve of my daughter’s first birthday. Initially, I was waiting outside his office to meet him, but upon knowing that I’ve come, he came outside to take me in”.

And then Pawan was said to have spent a good time with her daughter. “He took my daughter on the lap and played with her. We’ve spoken for 30 minutes” adds Raasi. But then, what’s the purpose of meeting Pawan on daughter’s 1st birthday?

Some insiders said, Raasi actually wants the help of Pawan to promote “Lanka” movie that was produced by herself (through her husband’s name). “If Pawan stands by, then financiers would wait and the film gets a big release. If he attends the audio launch, then promotions will get the hype. Maybe Raasi requested him for that” a source said.

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