Trump clearly targets Tata, Infosys & CTS

A bulk of H1B visa winners, every year, are from Indian IT giants like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Cognizant and others. So, they are eventually biggest-losers of new executive policy, to be passed by President of United States- Donald Trump, who’s likely to sign on Wednesday. As per Trump’s speech to media on Tuesday, the president yet again made an attempt to stress ‘Buy American – Hire American’ policy.

Now that executive order is expected to tighten rules for H1-B visa approvals – by scrapping the existing lottery system, only providing to highly-skilled and higher-paid workers across the world- a While House official pointed out that new executive order will target Indian IT and consulting firms namely Tata (TCS), Infosys (INFY) and Cognizant Technologies (CTS).

The official added, ‘these companies will apply for a large number of applications every year by putting additional tickets in lottery raffle. The new policy, to be signed by Donald Trump in Wisconsin, will keep them (Indian companies) in check and provide a uniform access to all the well-qualified graduates all over the world.’

So, each of these Trump moves suggest that accessibility for Indian Tech giants is no longer near normal and numerous H1-B picks every year will be a thing of the past. Besides these Indian companies, top US firms who file large number of applications are – Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

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