Trump Forgets to Respect National Anthem, Trolled

Watch Trump Forgets to Respect National Anthem, Trolled online - Cinevedika

US President Donald Trump’s First Egg Roll ceremony hosted on Monday had its share of awkward moments like smaller crowd, fewer celebs in attendance etc. But, the most embarrassing scene was created by the President himself.
Given that it was Trump’s first time hosting the Easter Egg Roll, all eyes were on the White House. Trump, infamous for making fun of himself with his bizarre acts, forgot to put his hand on his heart during the National Anthem. Realizing the faux pas of her husband, First Lady Melania Trump, who was standing right by his side, had to subtly remind him with a nudge.

Trump was later trolled heavily on social media for his embarrassing gaffe. One netizen commented that the US President had to be reminded his patriotic responsibility by an immigrant. It may be noted that Melania was born in Slovenia.

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